hawea Community Association chairwoman Cherilyn Walthew and committee member Rob White want to ensure there is a limit to how far development in the town could extend.

Ms Walthew said the council seemed happy for the township to expand from Lake Hawea to Hawea Flat.
‘‘We’ve got two distinct settlements at the moment, one is in Lake Hawea and the other is in Hawea Flat.’’

What the council was suggesting on the proposed district plan ‘‘leaves us wide open to massive development right through to Hawea Flat, potentially, if we don’t actually start asking for some parameters to be put on this properly,’’ she said.

Stage three of the district plan review is going through public hearings.
Some submissions received have sought to rezone rural land into urban zones, which would extend the urban growth boundary of Hawea south of Cemetery Rd.

Mr White said discussions about the proposed district plan included settlement zoning of small township areas including Makarora, Glenorchy, Luggate, Kingston and Hawea. He thought the council was ‘‘trying to regress the zoning’’ so urban expansion would be restricted in other townships but would continue to expand in Hawea.

Ms Walthew said the association wanted more focus on allowing for development within the current boundaries.
‘‘As soon as you start expanding out you’ve got massive infrastructure costs that go with that,’’ she said.

Council spokesman Jack Barlow said stage three of the district plan review was going through public hearings and the council proposed to change the zoning of Hawea to provide for residential intensification within the existing urban area.

Rezoning submissions to extend the urban area of Hawea south of Cemetery Rd were being heard by an independent hearings panel.
The panel would consider the evidence put before it and make recommendations to the council later this year, Mr Barlow said.

The issue of urban sprawl was addressed at a high level as part of stage one of the proposed district plan and strategic provisions to manage urban sprawl in the Upper Clutha were introduced.
Matters such as infrastructure and urban sprawl would be considered by the independent hearings panel when they considered the rezoning submissions, Mr Barlow said.

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