Complex floor to be replaced


The floor at Cromwell’s swimming pool complex will be replaced soon because of safety concerns about the surface.

The council has released a tender document for the work. Tenders close on July 26.

The document stated many accidents had been recorded involving people slipping over when walking around the pools.

“Some of the floor surface has also lifted in areas, leaving patches that could easily injure customers’ feet,” the document said.

CODC parks and recreation manager Mat Begg said there had been “12 minor slips on the floor over the last six months”.

“None of these have required medical treatment or an ambulance,” Mr Begg said.

“As mentioned, we have identified the need to do maintenance on the floor and the easiest way is to redo the entire floor.”

To help mitigate any risk, the organisation had put matting down on some areas to reduce the risks of slips in the interim, he said.

“This has worked well.”

The tender document said the floor had gradually lost its slip resistance over the past three years.

“Different cleaning systems have been tried to improve the situation, to no avail. The floor is scrubbed regularly and hosed daily.

“When you pass your hand over the floor, no dirt can be felt or seen. However, there is what appears to be a white residue on the surface of the floor in the high-use areas near the pools that cannot be removed.”

The floor was last coated with a high-quality resin surface in 2008.

The document said there appeared to be no white residue on the floor in the changing rooms.Those floors were not as damaged or slippery and no slips had been recorded in those areas.

Resurfacing has been budgeted for in the current financial year.Asics footwearKamala Harris’ Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Wows in Coat at Inauguration News