Bringing leaders together


Wanaka man Kai Johnson is riding the wave of a new type of travel.
He is bringing together a global community of ‘‘experiential education’’ leaders, who take young people on adventures across the world.
Experiential educators engage with learners in direct experience to increase learners’ knowledge and develop their skills and capacity to contribute to their communities.
‘‘Leaders have super-unique lives, and they build super-unique skill sets,’’ Mr Johnson said.
He has created a website that is a hub for leaders to connect with each other, gain advice and information and look for opportunities to work across the globe.
Mr Johnson has worked in international and experiential education for the past decade.
This type of travel attracted high school pupils, young people taking gap years and students studying abroad, he said.
Many were choosing to have a more genuine travel experience rather than simply lazing on a beach, and experiential education leaders took groups of such people into remote wilderness, to poverty-stricken communities, on mountain adventures and to other places, he said.

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