Amigos Cromwell spiced things up last week when they let local youths take over the restaurant.

Youth Take Over Amigos is an initiative from the Cromwell Youth Trust (CYT) where young people take over the running of the restaurant for two nights.

Seven youths put their hand to a range of tasks from taking orders and serving customers to making non-alcoholic drinks behind the bar.

Concentration . . . Carli Hutchinson (12) prepares non-alcoholic drinks at Youth Take Over Amigos in Cromwell last week.

Amigos Cromwell site manager Andrew Clearwater said the youths did an “amazing” job.

“Everyone had a ton of fun, between the kids, guests, and us as well.”

They followed directions very well and had a level of confidence I wish I had at that age.”

CYT manager Rhys Smith said the take over happened twice a year and was a “confidence booster” for the youth.

“They are typically nervous before they serve their first customer and by the end of the evening they basically know how to run the whole front of house and it shows them that they are capable of going outside of their comfort zone and experiencing what it is like to be in a working environment.”

The response from both the youths and customers was positive, Mr Smith said.

“Every young person who has taken part has expressed how much they loved doing it and how they will definitely be wanting to do it again in the future.”

We receive a great response from the customers who really enjoyed the interactions with the kids and how well they performed,” he said.

Pour it . . . Jack Rogan (11) makes a non-alcoholic drink behind the bar at Amigos last week. He was one of seven youths who took part in the Cromwell Youth Trust initiative.

As well as a unique experience, the event also served as a fundraiser with 50% of the income from the two evenings go directly back to the youth trust.

“We could not have done this without the amazing support from Amigos Cromwell and their staff – they continue to support our youth community no matter the challenges we are all facing in today’s environment.”