Wellbeing event fundraiser for charity house




A seminar designed to help people improve their inner wellbeing will be doing more than just that when it is brought to Cromwell this month.

The event, called Getting Connected Mindfully, will guide participants on a new way of thinking, ultimately giving them the tools to improve their direction, confidence, self-esteem and inner happiness.

But it will not just be them who will benefit.

Course founder Deborah Coburn, who is based in Queenstown, will give all the money she raises from the event to Ronald McDonald House.

“Ronald McDonald House really supports our community and all our Central Otago region, so I just want to do something really positive to assist the community,” she said.

Cromwell’s event also allows participants to focus on themselves.

“The aim [for participants] is to shift patterns of thinking and to move you forward as an individual, exploring our mind and conditioning to make positive changes,” she said.

It is the first time she has brought the three-hour seminar to Cromwell, which will be open to men, women and teenagers.

“I want to reach people that want tools to create a better version of themselves,” she said.

Mrs Coburn, a neuro and language skills practitioner, will host her Cromwell event at the Early Learning Centre, in Old Cromwell, on November 17, from 1pm to 4pm.

To find out more email: info@collectivecourses.co.nz

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