olly Spence-Davis, of Alexandra, rescues teddies, and has about 150, as well as lots of other soft toys.

He finds them in secondhand shops and at garage sales, and gives them a good home on the top bunk in his bedroom.

Now he is looking for children who might like to adopt one and give it the love they all need.

Mum Vicky Davis said Olly (7) felt sorry for the teddies and would buy them and bring them home.

Olly said they got washed and then met their new family. ‘‘I was 5 when I started to rescue teddies.’’ Some are really old, and all are well looked after.

His favourite bears, which have a permanent place in his bed, are those he had since he was a baby, including Henry, Bear Bear, Mars and the Pirate Teddy.

However, Olly has decided he needs to rehome some of them and wants to hear from other children who might want to adopt one.

‘‘I am happy to give a teddy to someone who would really like it.’’

If you know of someone who can give a teddy a good home, then contact or CO News on 03 440-0040jordan SneakersAir Jordan Release Dates 2020