Future planning . . . Marley Ferguson, who is taking part in the Choices programme through Reap, discusses an upcoming career planning workshop with tutor Penny Fitzgerald. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

Career planning is the future.

Workshops to help people navigate their way to a new career or job will be on offer through Central Otago Reap later this month, in response to increased job insecurity amid Covid-19.

Tutor Karen Johnson will host the free workshops on Wednesdays, from 1pm to 2.30pm, over four weeks, from July 22, starting with the topic “know yourself”.

The first workshop will help people review their work-life to date, what they enjoy and value about work and outside work to understand the skills, knowledge and abilities they already have.

The second workshop will help participants do a skills audit so they can explore opportunities.

The next event will focus on helping people “decide what to do”.

Participants will be shown how to identify sources of information for finding work, along with options for work experience or voluntary work as a way into paid employment.

The final workshop will help people “take action” by learning how to create a “strong” job application and CV.

To support the CV process, a one-hour course will take place on Tuesdays, starting on July 21 to provide people with tips on writing a CV.

Central Otago Reap manager Bernie Lepper said the aim of the workshops was to assist people who have reduced work hours or the future of their job or career was uncertain.

Students taking part in Reap’s Choices programme are among those welcoming the line-up of workshops, particularly those that focused on creating a CV.

Stormy Joseph was pleased to hear assistance would be available.

“I don’t have a CV at all, so I’m really interested in it. I think it’s a good opportunity to achieve that while we are on the [Choices] course.”

Fellow student Pita Davis agreed.

“These days you need a CV to be able to get a job.”

Student Anneisha Bryant said having a CV was vital.

“If you don’t have your CV up-to-date you don’t really stand much of a chance it’s really important.”

Fellow student Marley Ferguson was grateful the support was being offered.

“I think it’s a good thing for the community to have a place like a course to learn [CV compiling] and it’s free.”jordan release dateNike