International ride-share corporate Uber has plans to come to Wanaka.

Several local hospitality businesses were approached by the tech-based transport company recently.

Existing taxi services were surprised by Uber’s decision to come to the area as demand was already low.

Owner of Wanataxi Mahmoud Khalil Jodeh said he had noticed a shift in the past two years.

running. Now we only have two, occasionally we’ll have four on the weekends,

Yello owner Ramash Swamy said the past two years were challenging, but he had seen it as a time of community service.

“It’s about putting good things out into the community. If you want to see positive impact or change, it needs to be community focused.”

Mr Swamy credits Yello’s diversified business model for being able to continue providing its taxi service, despite fluctuating customer demands.

Uber was asked about an expected start date in Wanaka, but had not responded before printing deadline.