Tuk-tuk buddies


Three friends are half way through an ambitious project to travel in a tuk-tuk 3000km across India to raise funds for charity.

The friends said they were humbled by how the poorest people live in the slums of India with no running water or electricity, but were struck by how friendly everyone was. “Even the poorest people in India will want to offer you a cup of tea,” Mr Vause said.

The three friends have so far raised over $82,000 for the Inspire Foundation in New Zealand and the Cricket Life Foundation in India.
To give go to earthtoindia.com/donate

Fund raising friends . . . (from left ) Matty Lovell, of Christchurch, Jalen MacLeod, of Prince Edward Island in Canada, and Andy Vause, of Wanaka. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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