Here to help . . . This Plastic Free July, Central Otago Reap community sustainability facilitators Anna Robinson (left) and Abi Hawkins have launched an initiative so people can try environmentally friendly alternatives. PHOTOS: ALEXIA JOHNSTON


It is no secret that nappies, drinking straws, food wrap and coffee cups do not need to be a one-use-wonder in Central Otago.

But, for some people, the throwaway concept has been a hard habit to break in some aspects of their lives.

That is where the team at Central Otago Reap can help.

This Plastic-Free July, community sustainability facilitators Abi Hawkins and Anna Robinson have come up with a way to help people adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

To do that they are offering a range of trial kits, two each for pet care, personal care, menstrual care and men’s care.

The menstrual care kit can be altered to best suit the person’s age and stage of life.

There will also be two nappy kits and lunch box kits available.

Each kit features a range of items with the aim of giving people a chance to try something they may have heard about, but had never been brave enough to try, or did not know how to access.



Options galore . . . A range of packs will be available for people to trial throughout the month.


People who wanted to take part needed to email the team at Central Otago Reap, detailing which pack they wanted, along with their phone number.

Names would be drawn from a hat.

In return, they would need to provide a review at the end of the month of the products they trialled, which could be done anonymously.

Ms Hawkins welcomed people to contact Central Otago Reap if they wanted to know more about the products and how they worked.

steps. We don’t want people to feel guilted into not doing anything.”

She said the trial could be the “first step” a person took to reduce their waste.

Ms Robinson said the aim was to get ordinary people trying the various kits.

“The hope is we can debunk some of those myths around plastic-free options for people by having everyday people trialling these products for us.”

Anyone who wanted to find out more about the products or how they worked was also welcome to contact the team.

To find out more, or to enter the draw for one of the kits, email your name, phone number, what pack you want to trial and a short explanation as to why, to:

Entries must be sent in by July 11.


Pet care: Products to deal with waste.

Personal care: Shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrush, cotton buds, eco floss, cloth handkerchiefs and a toilet roll not wrapped in plastic.

Menstrual care: Reusable menstrual pads, underpants and cup.

Nappies: Washable nappies, a variety of styles depending on age of child.

Men’s care: Metal razor, shaving cream bar, bamboo toothbrush, cotton buds and deodorant bar.

Lunch box: Beeswax wrap, kai carriers, takeaway container, reusable coffee cup, metal straws, cloth sandwich wrap, cutlery kit.

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