Trash-free Tourist


A Swedish tourist on holiday in Wanaka is encouraging locals to try “plogga”.
Erik Ahlstrom created the concept which means “pick up trash and jog” and is a compression of Swedish words plocka (pick up) and jogga (jog). He hosted an event on Wanaka lakefront at the weekend, and about a dozen people turned up. “I love this country, I’ve been here five times . . . One of the reasons I love it is it’s tidy, it’s clean.” Plogging was about “changing attitude” and being “proud” to pick up litter. “We are creating a sort of treasure hunt, especially for kids”. By making the event fun there was a bit of a challenge for people taking part, who would be celebrating when they spot rubbish, almost like a competition, he said. Mr Ahlstrom described Wanaka as “one of the cleanest places I ever visited”. “We had to look so hard to find any litter at all – this place blows my mind.”latest Nike SneakersΓυναικεία Αντιανεμικά Μπουφάν , Αθλητικα Μπουφάν , Nike, adidas , Προσφορές & Εκπτώσεις Sport