Unrestricted parking in Clyde’s historic main street is now a thing of the past.

The Central Otago District Council moved swiftly at a meeting last week to approve the implementation of 120-minute parking on both sides of Sunderland St between Naylor St and Lodge Lane.

The council’s hand was forced by businesses fed up with people effectively using the street as free parking and leaving vehicles there for extended periods of time not all day.

The move was to address rapid growth in the region, and the flow-on effect for the Clyde central business area, where a growing number of visitors had joined local traffic, leading to increased demand for parking.

The restrictions were one way the council could manage this and address the concerns of Clyde businesses, the eeting was told.

Council roading engineer Martin Alford presented an additional two options to the one adopted by the council: a 120-minute restriction in Sunderland St, Lodge Lane and Holloway St, and the status quo of no parking restrictions within Clyde.

Mr Alford told the meeting he believed if the second option was to be adopted, businesses and the public should be consulted.

Deputy mayor Neil Gillespie said it was better to move now on restricting parking and consider the second option at a later date after consulting businesses and residents about how the restrictions were working.

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