Time for boomerang bags to come back


A boomerang bag amnesty is in place in Alexandra.

The team at Central Otago Reap is encouraging people who have borrowed bags to return them to one of the eight stations throughout the town.

Boomerang bags were launched in Alexandra about two years ago, with the aim of giving people a bag to borrow if they left their own recyclable bag at home.

Although the idea had been well received, it was possible some people using bags did not know how the concept worked, community sustainability facilitator Abi Hawkins said.

“They’ve been going one way, but not coming back.”

The aim was to keep the bags in circulation for others to use, following the same concept as a library.

An example would be picking up a bag from Bin Inn and returning it to Unichem Pharmacy, she said.

The other bag outlets are: New World, Alexandra Community House, Cooneys, Thrive, the Alexandra Public Library and Smiths City.

“It’s not a bag forever. It’s an ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve forgotten my bag today’ concept.”

Boomerang bags, an initiative rolled out in various towns in New Zealand, are made by volunteers.

“The people who have been sewing here [at Alexandra Community House] have made over 500 bags so far . . . which is pretty fantastic,” Ms Hawkins said.spy offersBoots