Lions Club of Omakau Districts’ latest initiative could save a life.

The club has spent $10,500 on three automated external defibrillators to ensure outlying remote areas Lauder, St Bathans and Cambrians in an emergency.

The devices, which are accessible 24 hours a day, can improve the chances of surviving cardiac arrest.

Each of the life-saving devices have been placed in easy to access locations and are automated to guide people on how they should be used.

The Lions Club had always planned to provide a defibrillator at Lauder.

However, as the project progressed, members discovered the St Bathans Area Community Association was also working to get one in St Bathans and one in Cambrian, Lions Club of Omakau Districts representative Richard Campbell said.

As a result, the groups “joined forces” with the help of St John.

“It’s our mission with the Lions Club to make sure our area here was covered.”

Each of the devices are now in place, inside the old Lauder Railway Station foyer, in the car park area opposite the Vulcan Hotel and the old Cambrian School foyer.

Representatives from each of those communities have also been trained on how to use the machines. To access the device people have to break a glass panel and should then call 111.

The 111 operator will have a list of people in the community who are also trained in how to use the machines.

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