Festive celebrations are moving into top gear at The Hangout, benefiting youth across Cromwell.

The facility, which has become a go-to point for youth, particularly during the school holidays, has started getting into the festive spirit.

As Christmas edges closer, those festivities will increase, facility manager Rhys Smith said.

The Hangout, which is open to children from years 7-13, will treat youth to a Christmas party on December 20, complete with festive food.

Mr Smith said the party was a way of celebrating the facility’s recent renovations and to ensure it provided the “homely environment” it strived to achieve.

A Christmas tree, festive lights, santa hats and food would create a “cool little vibe” for the kids, he said.

“Kids can come and go as they please, just to finish off the year on a positive high that we’ve had from everything that’s been going on,” he said, of the group’s productive year transforming the hub into a welcoming space.

The party will start at noon and finish at 5.30pm.

“Kids [about] 10-18 can pop in and bring their friends along.”

Mr Smith was reluctant to say too much about the festive party so there would be an element of surprise about the afternoon.

“It will be a fun day .. but it’s also about having surprises as well.”

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