Teviot Gardens on the corner of Kelso and Scotland streets in Roxburgh, are about to get a good spruce-up.

From this week, the Central Otago District Council will be removing old shrubs from the front of the reserve to open up the visibility into the site, to make the space more obviously a park, so to increase its use.

The council’s parks and recreation team believed the plants to be removed were past their best and the garden lacked the colour and variety it was intended to have.

Access will involve removing some of the street frontage fence, affecting people using the footpath.

The finished job will leave the site bare until the spring when a decision will be made about replanting or establishing a lawn.

The three rowan trees, the sculpture, the seats and some of the smaller plants around them, and the litter bin, will be retained.

The street side timber fence on Kelso St will be trimmed to improve visibility.

Some tree maintenance work will be completed if budget allows, with the potential for some of the larger trees showing decline to be either pruned or cut down.

If that can not be achieved in this visit, it is work that will be scheduled for later this year.