Alexandra residents fighting to have their muddy street returned to tarseal will soon find out if their wish will be granted.

Concerns surrounding Close Pl, off Ngapara St, will be added to the Central Otago District Council’s agenda when the roading committee meets on October 24.

Residents who have had enough of the mess the clay creates all year round are welcome to attend the meeting, where issues regarding the street will be discussed.

The group wrote a letter to the council in late August highlighting their concerns.

It noted that the street was partly formed, serviced, had a fire hydrant and was in constant use.

“In short, it would be courteous of council if it were to give this section of public roading due recognition and then proceed with kerbing, channelling, proper drainage and sealing,” the letter noted.

In response, Central Otago District Mayor Tim Cadogan said although Close Pl was a legal road, it was not maintained by council.

However, the council has a roading hierarchy – a living list, which is added to as a result of new roads being formed as part of the resource consent process.

Roads are also added to the list when unformed legal roads are formed.

“Close Place was not maintained by council in 1993 when the roading hierarchy was established and was not included on the initial maintenance list,” Mr Cadogan said.

However, in February 2006, the council’s roading sub-committee amended the policy allowing legal roads to be added to the hierarchy if they provided access to more than five properties.

In such cases, the council may maintain it in the future, but it was up to the property owners to upgrade the road at their own expense, to a standard acceptable to the council.

“Now that a request has been received, the process for considering this has been initiated.”

Barry Walker, who has a workshop on the street, said Close Pl was either a dust bowl in the summer or a mud pit in the winter, with no in-between.

“And when it rains it floods.”

Residents Wayne and Rose Skeggs’ property floods to the point they cannot get to their mailbox without gumboots.

Mr Skeggs was also confused by the entranceway in to Close Pl because kerbing along Ngapara St was continous.

To access Close Pl motorists had to drive over the kerbing, he said.

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