As Clyde School celebrates its new scooter track, reporter Alexia Johnston visits Alexandra Primary School to see where the idea grew from.

Pitching an idea to your school principal can have some fun outcomes – just ask the children at Alexandra Primary School.

The children were asked what they would like added to the school playground several years ago, prompting many youngsters to share their ideas, including the concept of a scooter track.

They provided drawings on how they wanted the track to look and shared their reasons why they wanted it with principal Adele Gott.

Their dream was turned into a reality about two years ago and has since captured the attention of Clyde School, which has recently established a similar concept, on the back of Alexandra’s success.

Alexandra Primary School acting principals Kylie Nixon and Melissa Gare agreed the concept had been just that – a success.

All pupils of all age groups use the track each day to ride their scooters or their bikes.

Ultimately, the track allows children to play actively out of doors.

“I guess for us it’s an example of what we like our children to be doing – we want kids to be kids for as long as they can,” Mrs Gare said.

The track is also used for the junior duathlon, and outside of school hours is regularly used by the wider community.

Alexandra Primary School is also home to a pump track, a project which was developed after the scooter track to give children somewhere to extend their cycling skills.

Again, the children pitched the pump track idea to the right people to turn another of their dreams into a reality.

Children of all ages use each of the facilities and use their initiative to “collaborate” together on how best to use the tracks with “next to no, or no injuries”.

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