Road crash rescue team wins challenge again


Ingenuity, invention and thinking on their feet has helped the Wanaka Road Crash Rescue Team win the Australasian Rescue Challenge for the second year in a row.
The team, made up of members of the Wanaka Volunteer Fire Brigade, was the overall winner at the event, which took place in Dubbo, Australia, last week.
They also came first in both the ‘‘Entrapped’’ and ‘‘Controlled’’ challenges, and ‘‘Best Team Leader’’ was awarded to team-member Tony Wellman.
Australasian Road Rescue Organisation president Mark Roche said Wanaka had beaten a ‘‘top class field of 21 teams’’ to be crowned the Australasian Road Crash Rescue champions for 2019.
‘‘Wanaka built on their win last year and in doing so will now be offered to compete at next year’s World Rescue Challenge in Miami, Florida in October.’’
The Wanaka team continued to impress assessors and other teams with their passion and commitment to learning and applying new innovation to rescue situations, Mr Roche said.
Team leader Tony Wellman said the team was nervous going into the challenge, but had great support from the other teams.
‘‘When we first got here, one of the teams came up to us and said: ‘We’ve watched all your videos from last year’.
‘‘That is what we are here for, it is for learning as well as winning,’’ he said.
Next for the team is the World Rescue Challenge in France beginning in September.
They were continuing to fundraise for their trip — to give, visit

Controlled challenge . . . Members of the Wanaka Road Crash Rescue Team work to extract a ‘‘victim’’ during the Australasian Rescue Challenge. PHOTO: KELLY O’NEILL /ARRO

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