Risk ‘all adds to excitement’


The risks involved in stunt riding don’t put him off performing in the Weber Bros Circus, freestyle motocross stunt rider Regan Hunter says.

“It’s a calculated risk – I feel how my bike is going, I feel the ramp,” he said.

“There’s definitely risks – you can come up short, you can jump too long, you can muck up a trick while you are in the air and then miss a grab when you come back – but it all adds to the excitement.”

He had suffered a few injuries.

“Most recent one, I dislocated my left ankle and broke my talus [ankle bone] into a couple of bits, which was obviously not

That took him off the bike for four months but he was back riding in time to wow the local crowd when the Weber Bros Circus came to his home town of Alexandra.

“Most of my family live here, like Mum and Dad, Grandma, Granddad, brother, his wife, and I’ve got lots of friends from around here.”

He was delighted his friends and family were able to see what he did for a living.

“Because I’ve been riding in China, in Auckland, so it was cool to come to Alex’ for me personally.”

Weber Bros was the only circus in New Zealand with freestyle motocross stunt riders.

“It’s a big privilege for me to be able to be a part of it.

“I’m having the time of my life – it’s the best move I ever made.”Nike Sneakers StoreNIKE AIR HUARACHE