Reusing coffee cups a green ‘no-brainer’


Reusable cups will be the next big thing in Cromwell, all going to plan.

George Affleck and Jill Herron, who launched Keep it Green Cromwell a year ago, are preparing to roll out reusable cups at a selection of the town’s cafes.

Their aim is to reduce the amount of waste in the town.

They started with jute bags and have now moved into the next phase, using the reusable cups.

For $10, consumers can get one of the green cups, filled with a hot drink of their choice and topped with a biodegradable lid.

When the consumer returns to one of the participating cafes, the reusable cup is handed over for staff to wash.

Another green reusable cup is used to make the consumer’s next drink – and the cycle continues.

The concept was already functioning in Motueka, under the guidance of Steph Fry, with great success, Mrs Affleck said.

“In Motueka, they started last July. In 11 months, they saved 11,000 coffee cups.”

Ms Fry recently visited Cromwell to share her knowledge with the Keep it Green Cromwell team and support the “swap-a-cup” concept locally.

About 400 of the cups will be made available from late this month.

Mrs Affleck encourages everyone to support the cause, which she believed could be a great success.

“In small towns we can do it so easily,” she said.

“As more people become aware, it should just become second nature to be green.

“It’s a no-brainer.”

She said the concept could be introduced across the country.

“The more little towns see it happening, the more will say ‘We should do it here’.”

New World and Fresh Choice supermarkets, along with six cafes – Taste, Nichol’s, Afix, the Cromwell Bakery, Highlands cafe and Forage at The Gate – had either signed up or shown interest in adopting the footwearM2k Tekno