Restaurant giving to charities



Giving back to the community is the aim of an initiative by a Cromwell restaurant.
Monsoon Restaurant and Bar, in Cromwell, is giving 7% of the cost of online orders to a choice of four local charities.

Restaurant manager Amol Suryawanshi said this came out of the restaurant’s proceeds and the price for patrons remained the same.
Patrons would have the choice, when ordering, of selecting one of four local charities and the restaurant would pass the amount on to the charities on a regular basis.

Patrons dining in the restaurant were being given a 10% discount on their meals at present as thanks for their support during the pandemic.
Diners could choose to have a discounted meal or give that 10% to local charities.

Mr Suryawanshi said the local community had been been very supportive of the restaurant during the lockdown and restriction period, and this was a way they wanted to give back.
The business wanted to reflect the kindness it had been shown by giving to the community.
‘‘We believe we will all come out of this a lot stronger, more supportive, and caring for one another,’’ Mr Suryawanshi said.

Charities that will benefit are Cromwell Youth Trust, Cromwell Foodbank, Cromwell Hospice and the Cromwell Salvation Army.

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