It is a new life and a new name for the brown tabby formerly known as Fire.

Instead of giving up one of her nine lives, Matthew Foxglove reckons his new cat Penelope traded a leg for it.

She was recently rescued after getting her leg trapped between two slats in the side of a rubbish bin near the Clyde Fire Station.

She was rescued by a firefighter after he heard her distressed meows for help.

The firefighters named her “Fire”.

She was taken to a veterinary clinic in Wanaka with a badly injured right hind leg, which was eventually amputated because of severe infection.

It certainly does not seem to be holding her back in any way, shape or form.

Until recently, the three-legged moggy was looked after by the SPCA, and it was there that she came to the attention of Dunedin veterinary nurse Matthew Foxglove “human dad”.

“We found her on the SPCA website and we couldn’t turn away said.

“She just needed a bit of help and a new home, and we could give her that, so we took her in.”

One of the main reasons his family adopted Penelope was because they lost two of their cats to illness last year.

“So there was a hole in our family that needed to be filled.

“She might not be whole, but she fills that hole really well.”

Penelope was very timid when she first got to her new home, so he set her up in her own room for the first week, and then slowly introduced her to the family members, one by one, which included two other cats and a dog, Mr Foxglove said.

“She slowly came out of her shell and she’s found a best friend in our other tabby cat they’re nearly inseparable. They’re always getting up to mischief.

“She’s quite boisterous now. She’s tearing around the place like nobody’s business at the moment. She’s very much made herself at home.”

Despite only having three legs now, Penelope was taking the ordeal in her stride, he said.

“You wouldn’t know that she’s missing a leg.

“She’s got no trouble climbing up the door climbers and getting to the highest point in the house. She has no fear of heights.

“I think instead of using up one of her nine lives, she traded a leg for it.

“We couldn’t imagine life without her now.”