Push for activity venues revived


Two multipurpose community hubs are still on the drawing board for Central Otago, despite a halt to progress during lockdown.

Groups behind community hubs proposed for Omakau and Alexandra are working on their plans, driven by a desire as strong as ever.

Omakau working group spokesman Colin Stevenson said the project was still on track, despite delays over the past couple of months. ‘‘There’s still a strong resolve to proceed,’’ he said. The project will be designed with existing and future groups in mind, for the benefit of the wider community.

It will replace the ageing public activity facilities in the town’s domain. A sub-committee was looking at plans and layout, which it had hoped to show the community in the coming months, but that had also been delayed.

The annual Winter Feed Crop Challenge, which raises money for the project, did not go ahead as usual this year, leaving the project’s coffers lighter. Mr Stevenson said the group would progress whenever it could and ‘‘the desire is as strong as ever’’.

Molyneux Stadium project group member Jolanda Williams said its plans were also ‘‘definitely still on the drawing board’’. ‘‘But we haven’t made any traction due to Covid-19. We are still working through steps,’’ Mrs Williams said.

One of those steps was to discuss ideas with Omakau’s working group, she said. The proposed facility, which would provide a base for a range of activities, was first pitched at a public meeting last September. Since then, further talks have taken place about funding and getting the project overall off the ground.

In an earlier discussion with The News, Mrs Williams said although Alexandra had Molyneux Stadium, it was not a suitable venue for many community programmes and events. The group’s aim is to create a facility in the same area to cater for other activities. Mrs Williams said the key was to get the wider community on board to help get the project over the line.he welcomed more people to still get involved.

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