Dunstan High School pupils are fostering connections with community through service.

In a partnership between the high school and Volunteer South-Central Lakes, about 50 pupils gave up a day off school to volunteer in the community.

On May 14, pupils were partnered with community organisations for the day.

Their activities ranged from working with rest-home residents and adults with disabilities, to planting and weeding along the river track and rail trail, through to baking at home.

Dunstan High School teacher Keri Barnett said the collaboration built upon the school’s cornerstones of community and service.

‘‘We’re really grateful to our community and it’s a way to say thank you,’’ she said.

It was the second time the school had run the initiative and the uptake increased on last year.

‘‘We have double what we has last time, so that’s a really good indicator there’s a growing desire there to volunteer and give back to the community,’’ she said.

‘‘We see it as something we’d like to keep building on.

‘‘There will be other opportunities throughout the year to be able to provide for that for students.’’

Year 13 pupil Brooke Williams had never experienced volunteering before and spent the day assisting at the Salvation Army, cleaning and organising the kitchen.

‘‘I thought it was a good thing to give back to the community, since I’ve lived here all my life and the people here [at the Salvation Army] do so much and so I wanted to give back.

‘‘I’m loving this, it’s been great,’’ she said.