Cromwell College pupils added their voices to last week’s nationwide protest about climate change.

Their message was loud and clear – they want the Government to do more to prevent global warming.

They shared that message on the side of Barry Ave, outside the college on Friday afternoon, while holding placards that read “I want a hot date, not a hot planet” and “Our earth matters”, among others.

Their call for change was noted by passing motorists who tooted in support of what the teenagers were trying to do.

A passing ambulance also had its siren sounded and lights flashed.

Carwen Williams (17) said the protest was to help protect the future.

“If we have kids, it just keeps getting worse,” she said, of how humans have influenced the present climate change situation.

Bethany Johnstone (17) said not only would change for the better benefit humans, but also the many animals and their habitats.

“Animal habitats are getting destroyed and [animals] are getting extinct. It’s not fair,” she said.

A list of demands was supported by the pupils.

A document circulated through parts of New Zealand demanded that governments worldwide put young people at the centre of decisions that would fundamentally affect them.url cloneEntrainement Nike