Pupils promote healthier food and help hospice


A recipe book by Holy Family Catholic School pupils Holly Ingham (10) and Caitlin Harridge (11), both of Wanaka, has been well received by pupils and parents. All the recipes were examples of “raw baking”, meaning they had not been cooked in the oven, Holly said. This made the recipes healthier because instead of using sugar, other ingredients including dates and honey could be used, Caitlin said. A recipe the two created together was “Blueberry bliss balls”, which included blueberries, oats and dates. “The first time we made it we put too many oats in and it tasted like porridge,” Holly said. Other recipes included oat slices and cheesecake cups, and all the recipes were nut-free, Caitlin said. The recipe book was sold to parents and other pupils as a fundraiser. “We sold it for two dollars, and all the money went to Otago Community Hospice.” Just over $40 was given to the hospice. Both said it “felt really good” to raise money for the hospice.latest Running SneakersTHE SNEAKER BULLETIN