Pupils innovate trap to keep drains clean




Alexandra youngsters have turned an idea into reality.

Year 7 and 8 pupils at Alexandra Primary School have helped design a trap to catch any rubbish from blocking the school’s drains.

Their project was part of an inquiry into water, which involved lessons in science around water quality indicators and the health of waterways.

Part of their learning also included the cycle of water, water quality testing, water flow, pH levels and clarity.

The final step was to examine the school’s drain system.

Pupils looked at what was going into them, including rubbish which had the potential to get into the underground water source.

That was when the children set to work to fix the problem and called on graphic designer Jonny Simpson for his help.

Mr Simpson, who has a child at the school, took all the mock designs the children had crafted to create a prototype, using the school’s 3-D printer.

He also sourced materials from Wastebusters.

The finished product resembles a square basket that fits inside the drain to catch any rubbish.

He presented it to the children last week and they all put it to the test. Mr Simpson said, ideally, the finished product would be made out of metal to ensure longevity.

The project was part of an Enviroschools water inquiry, which was supported by facilitator Anna Robinson and Alexandra Primary School teacher Rachel O’Connell.

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