Pupils from Mount Aspiring College were treated to an energetic acrobatic performance by Australia’s Dislocate Theatre last week.

The show, called 3 Speed Crunch Box, was part of Wanaka’s Festival of Colour.

Performer Sharon Gruenert said the show featured stunts, circus tricks and acrobatic feats, but also had a message.

“We have a lot of fun – we do slapstick, acrobatics – but we are also trying to promote sustainability.”

The aim was to inspire pupils to “have fun while trying to make the world better and the environment better”.

Pupils were able to learn some tricks for themselves at a workshop run after the performance.

“They are all watching those fail videos on YouTube, so we want to teach them that it is actually not about hurting people.”

Instead the team helped teach the pupils safe ways to have fun, she said.

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