An historic pub, an underground tunnel and elusive underground cellar some secrets want to remain hidden.

The Danseys Pass Hotel has many stories to tell general managers Phillip O’Reilly and Rita Yamgurova are on a mission to uncover them.

Danseys Pass Hotel general managers Rita Yamgurova and Phillip O’Reilly are searching for answers to mysteries in the hotel grounds.

Since arriving in December the couple have unearthed a number of treasures hailing from the nearly 160-year-old pub’s early years wheels, tin baths and oil lanterns buried in the grounds, bottles of booze completely untouched and even a resident ghost.

However it is a cellar in Room 6 bar contains that hold the couple’s intrigue.

It was hoped renovations in the hotel’s accommodation wing would finally uncover access to the cellar; however, when the carpet was finally lifted on Monday afternoon Mr O’Reilly’s hopes were dashed.

While there was no obvious access to a cellar, the concrete was different from the other rooms, with patched repairs and parts which sounded hollow when tapped, indicating the cellar.

“I was gutted,” Mr O’Reilly said.

“I’m like, how am I going to explain this? I wanted to go and drill all of the floors in the hotel to find it,” he said.

The floors will remain intact for now, but Mr O’Reilly said he intends to look at options for infrared mapping to locate the cellar.

“Who knows what’s eluding us in that cellar don’t know.

“At Scott Base in Antarctica they found old whisky. This area was known for gold mining and drink someone’s still down there drinking.”