Pottery and games ideas for youth


Pottery classes and a games day are just two of the events children want offered to youth in Alexandra.

The ideas were shared with Alexandra Youth Base staff during a Neat Feet event last week.

In return for ideas, children were treated to mini-pedicures.

Dunstan High School pupil Tabitha Hildyard wants to see an event established to help “bring the youth together”.

“Like a games day, so we have some competition and team work.”

Following that suggestion, youth coach Deb Drake welcomed the public to give any complete board games they no longer wanted to Youth Base.

She also encouraged people to visit Youth Base’s new site, at the back of Centrepoint Mall, where they could contribute any other ideas they might have, by writing them down and dropping them in the group’s suggestion box.

The Terrace School pupil Caitlin Ellett also attended the Neat Feet session, where she suggested a pottery class be offered to children.

She liked the idea because it was crafty and would give people something new to experience.


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