Clothing retailer Postie is returning to Alexandra after a three-year absence.

The retailer’s return to Alexandra means the Oasis Opportunity Shop, which until April 30 occupied the Ennis St (Centre Point car park) building Postie will take over, had to leave.

Oasis co-ordinators Margaret Bennie and Barbara Grubb said it was something the op-shop, which operates under the umbrella of Catholic Social Services Dunedin and Central Otago, had been braced for.

The agreement with the building’s owners was the op-shop could occupy the space in a below-market rent lease agreement but if a tenant was found which could pay market rent it would have to move on.

Mrs Grubb said the team behind the operation, which was run in shifts by 40 volunteers, was “very grateful” for the arrangement.

“We’re grateful to have had the building below market rate, and we always knew if someone came that was able to take it on, this would be the case.”

The women wanted to thank the volunteers who had served in the shop, as well as the community for supporting them, she said.

Mrs Bennie said the closure of the op-shop meant “the end of an era”, after two and a-half years there.

“It was something that the ladies looked forward to every week and we are encouraging them to keep in touch.”

The move came at the expense of Postie’s Queenstown store in the Five Mile Shopping Centre.

Postie chief executive Linda Leonard confirmed the Queenstown store closed on Anzac Day. Three staff went as a result of the closure.

In a brief statement she thanked customers without going into the reasons for the store closing and confirmed the Alexandra move.

“Postie is returning to Alexandra, and we look forward to welcoming customers to our new store due to open there in June on Ennis St.”

Operated by South African-based investment and holding company Pepkor, Postie has 65 retail clothing stores in New Zealand. In its first investment here, Pepkor bought Postie Plus after the retailer was put in voluntary administration in 2014.