‘Pink army’ hitting the streets


The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NZBCF) Pink Ribbon Street Appeal will be held on October 14 and 15 and people are being urged to donate to the cause.

The annual appeal takes place each year during the foundation’s Breast Cancer Action Month, and those donating and collecting raise valuable money for the foundation’s work.

A “Pink Army” of volunteers will hit the streets during the two-day appeal and area co-ordinators will oversee multiple street appeal sites.

There are other ways to get involved.

You can organise a community event or a bake sale, get your workplace to turn pink for a day or buy a Pink Ribbon product.

Check out the NZBCF’s A to Z of fundraising ideas to get some thoughts and concepts. You might also get inspiration from previous community fundraisers.

So whether it’s a donation, holding a fundraiser or taking part in this week’s Pink Ribbon Street Appeal, there are many ways to get involved. Please help the NZBCF continue its life-saving work. The foundation relies heavily on its supporters to help in any way they can.

For ideas, information about previous community fundraisers and the NZBCF’s community event guide, go to nzbcf.org.nz/GETINVOLVED/HoldanEvent.aspx.latest Runningロングコート コーデ メンズ特集!重厚なシルエットの着こなし&おすすめアイテムを紹介 , メンズファッションメディア