Photographers catch beauty of night skies


Naseby’s inaugural astrophotography competition has been a great success, organisers say.
Naseby Vision chairwoman Jill Wolff said amateur and professional photographers from across the region were encouraged to photograph Naseby’s pristine night sky for the contest, and both residents and visitors to Naseby had taken part.

Ethereal glow . . . This image of the aurora australis, taken by Logan Bosworth (11), of Dunedin, won the 5 to 11-year category of the competition. PHOTO: LOGAN BOSWORTH

The judges, astronomers Dr Ian Griffin, of Dunedin, and Ron Paine, of Cromwell, praised the high standard of the entries across all categories and said the work demonstrated the special nature of Naseby’s night skies.

“The quality of the entries for the competition was very high, and as someone who takes a lot of astronomy pictures myself, I was really impressed by the skills on show,” Dr Griffin said.

“The winners were all excellent. I particularly liked the Milky Way picture, which demonstrated some of the dark sky we get to enjoy in this region.”

Overall winner and amateur category winner was Neville Jopson, of Dunedin, with a photo of the Milky Way.

Runner-up in the amateur section was Jan MacKenzie, of Alexandra.

Professional section winner was Matt Sudonic, of Dunedin.

The category for 12 to 18-year-olds was won by Abby Ward, of Dunedin, and Logan Bosworth, also of Dunedin, won the section for 5 to 11-year-olds.

The winning photos are on display in the Naseby Store over the summer holidays.

Moon mood . . . A striking photo of the moon by Abby Ward (14), of Dunedin, won the 12 to 18-year category. PHOTO: ABBY WARD
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