Lovers of Lake Dunstan are being asked to make their feelings known as the next stage of consultation on the lakes’ future is under way.

Earlier this year, Lake Dunstan Charitable Trust (LDCT) and Shaping our Future held workshops, surveys and consultations to gain community insights about the lake.

LDCT community engagement co-ordinator Megan Phillips said the information would be used to create a community document capturing the key issues, what the community valued and what the community would like to see in the future for Lake Dunstan and its margins.

“The first survey, workshops and consultations restrictions, we said give us every issue, every idea, what you love about the lake, go for it.”

We wanted the unrestricted feedback,” she said.

The information was then narrowed down into 15 key issues, values and ideas for long-term success.

“Shaping our Future whittled [the feedback] down . . . now we just want to make sure that represents the information we’ve got and to understand it,” Ms Phillips said.

Shaping Our Future has launched an online voting platform to determine which of the many Lake Dunstan issues and potential outcomes have the most support by the most people so that the community’s priorities for action are clearly understood by decision makers.

Shaping our Future co-ordinator John Glover said it was key to focus on what would have the greatest impact and the greatest support across the local community.

In gathering and reviewing all the community issues and aspirations it was clear the “fragmented and unco-ordinated roles” of the different decision-making agencies was a significant barrier to progress, Mr Glover said.

“So perhaps that should be a priority to address in itself.”

The online survey is open until June 6.

“Then it will be out there for the community to use ours,” Ms Phillips said.

The survey can be found online at