Oh brother, where art thou?


It’s a search of canine proportions, fuelled by long-lost love and a commitment to family.

Doggone it, they said – where is our brother?

The quest had so far been unsuccessful but George and Ted were keen to reunite with the third of their litter, a boy believed to live in Central Otago, George’s owner, Liz Martin, of Dunedin, said.

She bought George, a schnauzer/spoodle cross, almost two years ago from Animal Attraction in Dunedin, after talking to the breeder. George had become a treasured member of the family since then, showing oodles of personality that made Mrs Martin start thinking about his siblings.

“He was different from any dog we have had; it is like he belongs to himself and he has oodles of character. He is very social and absolutely loves other dogs. We thought it would be fun to meet his brothers, and so the breeder put us in contact with one of them. Unfortunately, she did not have the third brother’s details and the pet shop could not find them.”

And so began the search. After trying unsuccessfully on social media to locate George and Ted’s brother, Mrs Martin was putting another call out in Central Otago, where it was believed the third dog lived.

George and Ted, who turn 2 on January 31, now enjoyed a “wonderful” relationship, having hit it off from their first reunion. Ted lives in East Taieri with his owner, Tracey-Lee Fisher.

“George and Ted met up at the dog park and it was like they had never been away from each other, instant play-fighting and running together – touching joined at the side, turning in unison, always joyful.

“We meet up regularly as the boys love each other so much and this is when we started to wonder about the missing brother. Even to see a picture of his likeness or the possibility of one day getting them all together would be a joyous occasion.”

Mrs Martin hoped someone would get in touch so she could find out where George and Ted’s brother lived.

“We would love to find the missing brother to at least exchange photos or one day meet to see the boys together.”

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