How do you you choose a prize winning ram?

Charlie Hore, of Patearoa Station, whose ram won the title of supreme champion sheep at the Maniototo Show last week, was not quite sure of the answer, but was proud of the win.

The top ram and top ewe are judged against each other for the title of supreme sheep, but Mr Hore believed the winning sheep was all “subjective” to the judge on the day.

One of Mr Hore’s Romney rams won the judges over, the first time he had secured the supreme title.

“It’s like anything, it’s subjective to the judge, but it’s nice to think someone else thinks the sheep’s not a bad sheep. It’s pleasing,” he said.

He said it was certainly worth the effort.

Prize trophy . . . Andrew Paterson (right), of Matakanui Station, displays the trophy one of his Polwarth rams won at the Central Otago A&P Show in Omakau on February 15. Presenting him with the award are Vet Ent representatives (from left) Sally Clarke, Greg Shepard and Jo Watherston. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“It’s a good day out anyway, but it’s better when you win something, especially when there’s a high standard of sheep.”

Andrew Paterson, of Matakanui Station, also secured top prize for one of his Polwarth rams at the Central Otago A&P Show earlier this month.

For Mr Paterson, selecting a ram for the competition came down to a quick decision the night before, with the help of his staff.

He said the Friday afternoon before the show, was spent chasing them in paddocks and taking them back to the woolshed for a tidy up.

The winning ram’s prize was the opportunity to jump off the trailer back into his paddock with his mates.

His treatment was just as special as it was before the show, Mr Paterson said.

“Just [got to go] back to his mates in a lucerne paddock.”

Mr Paterson said the win was a team effort.

“It’s just a nice wee reward for the hard work everyone does at Matakanui.”

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