The Alexandra District Parents Centre had all its ducks in a row for its postponed race on Saturday, despite having to cancel the accompanying family event.

The annual event has become a major fundraiser for the centre, with the ublic able to “buy” the plastic ducks for $5 each.

Parents centre committee president Hannah Dwyer said 675 ducks were tossed into the Manuherikia River on Saturday at noon, to make their way with the current to the Linger and Die, near where the Manuherikia joins the Clutha River.

The race had to be rescheduled on November 13 because of rain, but the siting of the Crankworx village at the Linger and Die at the weekend meant the family day could not be held.

Some families gathered to cheer the ducks on regardless, including the owner of duck number 580 the “lucky last” duck to reach the boom finish line.

No ducks escaped and no ducks were left behind, Mrs Dwyer said.

Ducking and diving . . . Some of the 675 plastic ducks that raced on the Manuherikia River on Saturday.

An escapee duck gained fame in 2018, when the race was first run, making it to the Roxburgh Dam before being apprehended.

In subsequent years, a boom and net had been set up to capture any wayward ducks, with volunteers also helping any trapped along the way.

“We had three capable kayakers who freed any ducks trapped in the willows,” Mrs Dwyer said.

No final figure was available for the fundraiser until the accounts were tallied, she said.