There will be no consultation on this year’s Central Otago District Council annual plan.

As with the 2019 annual plan, the Central Otago District Council would again be relying on changes to legislation that allowed for costly consultation on the plan to be dispensed with, as the plan did not differ significantly from last year’s long-term plan predictions.

Draft budgets went to the council on January 26 and were being presented to community boards this month to approve for inclusion in the council’s annual plan 2022-23.

Once approved the budgets would be incorporated into the final annual plan put to the council to adopt by the end of June.

As the annual plan does not contain any significant changes from what was signalled for year 2 of the long-term plan (which was consulted on and attracted record levels of engagement in 2021), the council was not required to have a formal consultation process.

Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan said in lieu of formal consultation, the council would instead take the opportunity to have a conversation with the community about how long-term plan projects are tracking, and let residents know what to expect in the 12 months ahead in terms of key projects and focus areas.

“We took the same approach back in 2019, which was year 2 of our previous long-term plan. Being once again in this position, of not needing to consult, means we are producing robust 10-year plans as a council and delivering on them.”