Cromwell Youth Trust (CYT) has expanded in the past three years – and now its offices have followed suit.

CYT manager and lead youth worker Rhys Smith said a “substantial” staffing increase from one full-time staff member to six full time and one part time engagement numbers at The Hangout Youth Centre meant more space was required to aid the trust’s work.

“It was necessary to look at how our expansion could continue to benefit our community and young people without it impacting our young people’s space at The Hangout Youth Centre,” Mr Smith said.

In December a space “a stone’s throw away” from The Hangout became available.

The Cromwell business community jumped on board to support the office fit-out, providing new flooring, lighting, paint work, kitchenette and furniture as well as labour, supplies and discounts. This meant the CYT team could moved into the new space on the first day of work for the year.

Having a dedicated office location allowed The Hangout to operate at full capacity but also increased its ability to have more space for our young people, Mr Smith said.

“The impact was immediate – our team had a larger space to work and we have designed the space to be warm, welcoming and calming as well as having a reflection to The Hangout Youth Centre for our young people to feel connected if they come by to say hello or have a private chat.”

At the suggestion of the young people who use The Hangout, the trust’s old office space within the youth centre was repurposed as a “chill out space”.

“Our old office is now transformed into a wellbeing space with couches, TV, headphones, sensory items and a Te Whare Tapu Wha wall that provides guidance and support to help our young people learn more about their four walls of wellbeing and what they can do to strengthen those walls,” Mr Smith said.

The CYT offices are located at 3d Murray Tce.