Naseby showing off its charms



A new campaign aims to encourage domestic tourists to uncover what is unique about Naseby.
A group of local business owners have volunteered to begin a tourism campaign that will introduce Naseby as an option for new travellers.

Volunteer Jill Wolff said several major events had been cancelled or rescheduled due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, including the Brass Monkey Rally, the Curling Championships, the Bards Ballads and Bulldust festival, and the 12 Hour Naseby Mountain Bike Challenge.

But there were still many reasons to visit Naseby, and the new social media campaign had begun this week to remind people of what to see and do in the town.
A company that did not wish to be named had kick-started the promotion by providing $5000 for the commercial aspects of the campaign, and the group hoped to find further funding or grants.

The campaign was driven around the line ‘‘Did you know’’ and would give information on what was special and beautiful about the area.
It is being targeted to people in the lower South Island but also specific groups, for example mountain bikers.
‘‘We are also attaching it to a web page so people can go through the different activities and look and plan,’’ Ms Wolff said.

The group had discussed when was the right time to start a campaign, even though travel restrictions were still in place.
They decided to start the campaign now so people had time to start planning for a trip later in the year.
‘‘This is something where you can see it and decide ‘right, this is where we are going when we can’.’’

There was a difference when targeting domestic tourists who could travel in smaller groups of individuals or families.
Instead of the focus being on coming just for larger events, there was the opportunity for more casual visits.
‘‘You don’t have to have an organised weekend here –—everything is very accessible and it is one of those places where the ambience of the town is a big significant reason why you come here.’’
There was much to enjoy in the town and providing information for people who had never visited before was an aim for the group, as well as reminding people who had a connection to the area.
A grassroots approach was a big part of the campaign.
‘‘Basically, don’t forget us — we’ve got an awful lot to offer.’’


At one with nature . . . Biking and walking trails around Hoffmans dam in Naseby are some of the activities to enjoy. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
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