As October’s local government elections inch closer, The News spoke to the region’s remaining elected representatives to gauge their intentions — will they stand again or will they move on come election day?

In the Maniototo, long-serving community board member Sue Umbers has decided she will not be standing for re-election in October.

She was unsure how many terms she had served, but felt it was time for fresh blood on the board.

‘‘My reason for stepping down is to hopefully see some younger people put their names forward and take up the challenge on behalf of their community.’’

First term Central Otago district councillor Cheryl Laws was ready to take on the challenge of another term.

‘‘It takes a term to get up to speed, to become aware of all the issues and the detail behind them.’’

The next three years would be the most challenging of the council’s ‘‘entire history’’, she said.

‘‘We are going to need brave people who stand up for our local communities.’’

Cromwell Community Board member Tony Buchanan was undecided if he would stand again, finding some of the local government processes ‘‘frustrating’’,

Representing the Dunstan ward on the Otago Regional Council, two-term councillor Gary Kelliher said he intended to stand again.

‘‘I was always prepared to serve for three terms but would think seriously before considering any longer.’’

Ensuring the regions were considered fairly in the direction regional council and central Government were heading was important, he said.

First-term regional councillor Alexa Forbes confirmed she would be seeking re-election in October.

‘‘The environmental restoration is within the remit of the ORC and I’m keen and committed to making the decisions that will support, enable and empower that work.’’