The council asked, and the community responded – with some tweaks.

The Central Otago District Council (CODC) shared a concept design for a new play space for the Clyde River Park on Miners Lane last month to ask for feedback.

The council reported last week that 74 people completed an online survey to give feedback, and three classes of students and the Enviroschools group from Clyde School shared stories, artwork and suggestions with the council.

The play space is the next stage in the Clyde River Park upgrade, after the completion of the Miners Lane extension project to Matau St historical walkway linking the Clyde Heritage Precinct to the Clutha River.

Those completing the survey were asked to give the concept a mark out of five stars and it scored an average of four stars, with a positive feedback for its river and heritage theme, and the star piece of a climbing structure that mimicked Clyde’s historic red bridge.

Council’s parks and project staff have worked through the feedback with play space design and build specialist company Creo and made a few design tweaks as a result.

One concern that came through in the range of feedback was accessibility.

To address this, the designers redirected the flow of the “pour and play river” so it would weave over to the swings to make the basket swing more easily accessible.

The team also took on feedback about the slide’s orientation and would rotate it from north-facing, to mitigate the issue of it getting too hot in summer sun.

Other ideas and suggestions for improvements raised, which included extending the scooter track or adding additional play features such as a zipline or flying fox, were not possible at this stage due to the project’s budget constraints.

The CODC felt safety concerns would be allayed when people were able to access and see the site first-hand and the result of earthworks and natural safety features that had been created – such as rock perimeter edging, retaining walls and natural embankments.

Miners Lane would be a one-way route and the playground design and installation would have independent assessor sign off that it met NZ playground safety standards.

Play equipment was expected to be ordered before Christmas and the playground ready for children to play on by May next year.