M!NT Ruby event added


Access for all is the aim at this year’s The Ruby swimming event, being held on Saturday, January 25.
A special event called M!NT Ruby will provide a chance for people with intellectual disabilities to join in the fun with 100m and 200m course options along the shoreline.
M!NT Charitable Trust activities co-ordinator Charlotte Jackson said last year a similar event was added at the last minute, meaning only about three or four people were able to participate.
The Ruby co-organiser Eddie Spearing said last year’s addition to the event worked out well.
‘‘I for one was personally taken aback at the obvious joy on the faces of all involved, swimmers and supporters alike’’.
Creating M!NT Ruby as a ‘‘true standalone event, exactly like the others in every way’’ made it very inclusive, he said.
Miss Jackson said there would be enough volunteers to assist everyone who wanted to participate and people could enjoy the course at their own pace.
‘‘Some might not get in at all, some might just put their toes in, but there is going to be some flags in the water, and it will be at a depth where they can get their feet off the bottom if they want to, but if they want to walk they can.’’
The participants would be able to go through the same finishing chute as everyone else, and get a trophy at the end.
Miss Jackson said the M!NT Charitable Trust would also be using this as an ‘‘anchor event’’ and would have a tent at the site ‘‘providing some information on what we are doing and trying to recruit some volunteers’’.
M!NT began in 2017 but only became a charitable trust last year.
The trust aimed to create brighter futures for people with intellectual disabilities, she said. ★ For details or to volunteer email minttrustgroup@gmail.com

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