Minx almost ready for a second life




A Hillman Minx bought new in 1964 and stored in a garage since 1980 will soon be driven again by its original owner.

Jeanette Parker and her mother, Jean Wilson, of Ettrick and now Millers Flat, bought the car from Dalgety’s Garage, Alexandra, for in November 1964.

Mrs Parker worked at the Millers Flat telephone exchange at the time.

Although her father had a truck, Mrs Parker still remembers the excitement when they collected it.

“It was pretty special, owning a car,” she said.

“All the family enjoyed having a car.

“We went on lots of trips away, including to Tapanui to see my sister and her family.

“My brothers, Bill and Jeff Wilson, eventually got their licences and used it for courting and also drove around a lot.

“They then bought their own cars.”

By 1980, a red Cortina and a van had joined the family and other family members left to start their own lives.

After one final drive to visit a new addition to the family, Jimmy Wilson, in Roxburgh on March 1, 1980, the Minx was parked in Mr and Mrs Wilson’s Millers Flat garage and left.

Mrs Parker and husband Doug now live in that house.

“In October last year, I was away, and then I came home to find Doug and my brother Jeff had pushed it out of the garage to be checked over, so it could go on the road again.”

Mr Parker said they asked car restorer Alistair Stevenson, of Ettrick, to have a look at it.

“The clutch was stuck and the brakes jammed, but apart from that there was nothing much wrong with it.

“Just some basic bits and pieces and the radiator hoses were replaced and the engine cleaned.

“The interior was still perfect, as there had been no windows in the garage.”

Mrs Parker said she intended to send it to Gore for a VIN and after that it would be roadworthy and road legal.

The car’s second life had generated a lot of interest from family members, who all remembered the Minx.Sportswear free shippingAir Jordan