An extension on a typical men’s shed could be coming to Wanaka.

Local resident Ben Acland is hoping to encourage people to get in touch who may be interested in a community initiative that would be a combination of a community workshop, men’s shed and repair hub.

“So it is not a traditional men’s shed I am trying to bring to life”.

One of the aims was to reduce building waste by collecting smaller pieces of wood from building sites around Wanaka, Mr Acland said.

Those offcuts could be turned into useful items including stoat and ferret traps for the Department of Conservation.

Other ideas included chicken coops or rabbit hutches for preschools; “the list is kind of endless”.

At present he is highlighting the idea to gauge what the demand might be and to find out if there were some people who were willing to devote time to the project.

As well as being able to function as a typical men’s shed which had a peer support and mental health focus for men, being able to expand the concept could mean other groups could have the tools and space to work on a range of projects from a central base.

Men’s sheds often operated only for a few hours per week, so there was space to expand the concept to other groups, he said.

“If you had the tools there potentially it could be a tool library as well.”

It could be a space for groups working on tiny houses or people could use sewing machines for repairs.

One person who had got in touch was a retired electrician who enjoyed working on stereos, Mr Acland said.

“It would save a lot of waste going into landfill.”

There could be education and connection as people shared skills with others.

Mr Acland had a central base in mind where a men’s shed or work space could be housed, but the details were yet to be finalised.

He was inviting people to get in touch by emailing or phoning 027 435-2837.latest Nike SneakersJordan x Off-White Apparel