Operating under Red traffic light restrictions required added precautions but the Central Motor Speedway’s 2022 Back to School Bash in Cromwell on Saturday evening got the green light for a successful event.

Speedway president Andy Erskine said safety was front of mind for the event.

Spectator numbers were limited, distinct “bubbles” physically separated groups of fewer than 100 people, in both spectator and pit areas, and vaccine passes were required for everyone entering the site.

People could either stay in their vehicles to view the event, or take advantage of the calm evening and sit on the grass.

Colour-coded wristbands were issued to everyone and a mix of security staff and trained volunteers ensured people got safely to where they should be and stayed in place.

People were scanned in at entry, and again when they got to their respective bubbles.

An access lane was created to provide a defined exit should anyone need to leave during the event and at its conclusion, exiting was done by zone.

Green light to race  . . . Central Motor Speedway held a successful race meet under the Red traffic light setting on Saturday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED/FADED PHOTOGRAPHY

Communications liaison Mary Hinsen said a practice session was held at the speedway at the start of the season looking at the worst possible scenarios Covid could cause, and it was decided to go ahead with Saturday’s event as it was a reasonably small meeting.

Four hundred people attended and were spread over six bubble areas.

The presidents of both the Dunedin and Invercargill speedways had attended and were impressed by the organisation, she said.

No food vendors were present, and people were asked to bring their own refreshments.