Lumber for Luggate



Chilly times will be avoided for some elderly and vulnerable residents in Luggate.
Volunteers Graham Taylor, Jim Bryson and Luggate Community Association chairman Graeme Perkins are part of a working bee to provide free wood for locals.

Mr Perkins said pine trees cleared from the Red Bridge recreation reserve project were being used to provide trailer-loads of firewood, and it was a ‘‘wee help’’ for some locals.
‘‘Every so often we get a couple of splitters going and get all the volunteers together and have a big wood-splitting session.’’

About twenty trailer loads were being provided for free to Luggate locals — ‘‘elderly ones and ones that are struggling a wee bit’’.
The volunteers replenished the trailer loads every now and again, providing help for their community, ‘‘mostly elderly or ones that are living on their own, and we’ve got a few solo mums and dads’’.

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