‘Like doing 100 squats’



Ploggers George Affleck and Eleanor Hamilton are making picking up rubbish fun by combining it with exercise.
Walking a loop recently that took them along the waterfront by Old Cromwell Precinct and the Cromwell Memorial Hall, the pair, along with Lyn Wilson were surprised by how much rubbish they saw.
It was ‘‘a bit of a shock’’ how rapidly their baskets were full, and they had to stop several times to empty at rubbish bins, Mrs Affleck said.
One of the advantages of combining a brisk walk with looking for rubbish was they were ‘‘not thinking about the exercise’’.
As well as making Cromwell ‘‘a little more beautiful and a little less cluttered with rubbish’’, the walks were ‘‘like doing 100 squats’’, with stops along the way bending and picking up trash, Mrs Affleck said.
Mrs Heron said the group was planning regular monthly outings, and they hoped ploggers would become a familiar sight around town.
To join, email george@connectcromwell.nzbuy shoes困ったらここ!実家暮らしカップルの定番デートスポット5選