Something for everyone . . . Volunteer Barney Barnett assists at the Naseby Tri-brary on the town's main street. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON


At this point it’s a success. It’s appreciated and well used by holidaymakers.Naseby’s tri-brary is a treasure trove for holidaymakers.

The tri-brary, established just before Christmas, is like a library but has DVDs, games and sports equipment as well as books.

It has proved increasingly popular, particularly among people who have cribs in the town, or who are visiting for a couple of days.

It was established in the Naseby Athenaeum’s reading room almost six months ago, aimed at giving people somewhere to access books, DVDs and sports equipment in the town.

A review on the concept was expected in the coming weeks, but feedback suggested it would remain as it had become a go-to destination for people wanting something to read or play during their stay.

Lochie Grant (7), of Dunedin, came up with the idea so people could make the most of their stay in the town by borrowing not just books but also games, sports gear and DVDs.

The town’s athenaeum committee helped make his dream a reality.

Lochie said he was “really pleased” it had been so popular with people using and donating items.

He suggested Queenstown and Cromwell could do with a tri-brary next as there were lots of people there who wanted to do fun things that did not cost too much.

After that, he wanted to see it branch out into Christchurch and Auckland, and then globally.

Athenaeum committee member Marilyn Swinbourn, who lives next to Naseby’s tri-brary on the town’s main street, was among those who had noticed its popularity.

“So far it’s going well.”

She said while it needed a few “tweaks”, it had proved to be a great concept which was being well-utilised.

“It’s going well and it’s been popular with visitors. It’s hard to know how many people actually use it, but because [I] live right by it I see people coming and going.”

Items have been donated to the tri-brary, including all the “favourite” games that have stood the test of time, including Battleships and Connect Four.

“At this point it’s a success. It’s appreciated and well used by holidaymakers.”Nike SneakersIdae